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Txunamy Ortiz, known as Txunamy in her professional life, is a TikToker, YouTuber, Instagrammer, actress, fashionista and social media personality from the United States. Txunamy has a net worth of one million dollars as of the year 2022. She is best known for her roles as Brittany in the teen drama web series “Chicken Girls” (2017) and as Brittany Diamond in the American web series “Mani” (2017). ), both starring Lawrence Wayne Curry and Hayley LeBlanc. Both these characters caught his attention a lot.


Her dance and lip-syncing videos mostly account for her prominence on TikTok. By the year 2021, Txunamy has grown to over 2 million followers on the TikTok platform, in addition to 4.7 million followers on Instagram. In addition, she owns a channel named “Txunamy” on YouTube and has more than 3 million members. She posts comedy and dancing videos on this channel.

tuxunami wiki

Txunamy was born on 23 March 2009, making her age 13 by the year 2022. She was born into a family that belonged to the upper class in the state of California, which is located in the United States. Txunamy Ortiz is his birth name and given name.

Txunamy comes from a stable Christian household originally from the state of California. It is common knowledge that she is of white ethnicity and that she practices Christianity in her spiritual life. In addition, she is a citizen of the United States of America.

Presently, she is a student of May Ranch Elementary School located in California, United States, where she is working towards completing her secondary education.

She has a channel on YouTube and an account on Instagram, which she uses to post her videos. She is fond of fashion. When she was just 5 years old, her mother started posting pictures of her daughter on the Instagram account she had created.

lover and family

The names Sdiezzel and Ethalla Ortiz are used to refer to Txunamy’s parents. Her father’s name is Sdiezzel Ortiz, and he is a successful entrepreneur who can often be seen in his movies.


Her mother’s name is Esthala Ortiz, and she is the one who handles her finances and all her social media profiles.

Her brothers’ names are Diazelle Ortiz and Ranger Ortiz, and her sister’s name is Solez Ortiz; All her siblings can be seen in her videos. She is the youngest of three siblings.

As far as we know, Tsunami has never been married. Coco Quinn, Piper Rockell and Haley LeBlanc are the names of three of his closest girlfriends.

physical looks

Txunamy Ortiz is a young lady who is not only adorable and sweet but also has a charming and sweet personality. She is 4 feet and 9 inches tall and her body weight is around 41 kg. He has stunning brown hair that is long and lovely, as well as eyes that are a deep-black colour.

Tuxunami Careers

Txunamy is known for her work as a social media personality early in her career. Even though she was only 5 years old when she started gaining popularity on social media, her mother had already opened an Instagram account and made her beautiful pictures public.

After that, she signed up for accounts on the social networking application muscial.ly as well as other platforms. In addition, she launched her own channel on YouTube and immediately started posting engaging videos on each of these sites. In addition, she has been featured in several well-known publications such as Vogue and Glamour.

Apart from her work in social media, she is also the owner of a website called Fashionista. On this website, she sells a wide variety of items including T-shirts, phone covers and more. In addition, she made her acting debut with her appearance in the web series Mani by Brat, in which she played the role of Brittany and was given a significant chunk of screen time.


Since the year 2017, she is also working in a partnership capacity with the fashion brand Nike. In addition, she has worked with a large number of music on her videos and has gained popularity through social media.

Txunamy net worth

Txunamy Ortiz has a net worth of one million dollars as of the year 2022. He is financially independent because of the sponsorship he has received on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. His mother handles all his business transactions and social media accounts for him.

Common sense and unknown facts

  • She has more than 4.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million followers on TikTok, which shows that she has a huge fan following across all social media platforms.
  • Furthermore, his channel has been subscribed by 3.65 million people on YouTube, and has garnered over 97 million views.
  • Txunamy is a huge fan of American pop divas Selena Gomez and Maddie Ziegler, and has made a concerted effort to mimic Gomez’s flair in her music videos.
  • With Hyden Summerhall, he made the very first cover video for his song.
  • She has a dog of her own and is a dedicated animal rights activist.
  • In December of 2014, her mother initiated the creation of her Instagram page.
  • He accumulated over 3 million followers on the Musical.ly app, where he garnered a huge following during his career as a musician.
  • Articles have been written about her in Vogue, Glamor and Hollywood Life, among other publications.
  • In 2017, she announced that she would be working with Nike. In 2017, she went on a famous birthday office walk with Jules and Hayley LeBlanc.
  • He collaborated with his best friend Liliana Ketchman to recreate the hit TikTok video originally created by Charlie D’Amelio and Addison Rae for one of their most successful videos on YouTube.
  • Her younger brother’s name is Diesel, and he also maintains an Instagram account dedicated to the fashion industry. In addition, she has a younger sister known as Soulage and an additional brother who goes by the name Ranger.
  • Her mother’s name is Esthala Ortiz and her father’s name is Sdzel. He has a dog named Italy.
  • A photo of the two of them appeared on their Instagram account together in August of 2018, and was captioned, “Fellow social influencer Ava Foley.”

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